2020 Year End Mandatory Meeting: Tigard Band, Color Guard & Drum Line

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Date(s) - 06/03/20
7:00 pm - 8:30 pm


This meeting will be held virtually using Google Meet where you can connect with video or audio only. More details will be shared.

We will hold our final Band Booster meeting this Wednesday, June 3 at 7-8pm via Google Meets.
Join by phone
‪+1 385-393-4314‬ PIN: ‪676 588 347‬#
Please mute your mic unless you are speaking.
Short Agenda:

– Calendar Update
– Budget Update
– Finalize Booster Board Member nominations and elect the 2019-2020 Booster Board
– Fundraising Info
– Kudos and Graduating Seniors

The Tigard High Band & Auxiliary Boosters is made up of ALL the parents/guardians of ALL the students of all the Bands, Color Guard and Drum Line. If your student falls into one of those groups you are a Booster and should come to the meetings to see what is going on with the programs.

2020-2021 Tigard High Band & Auxiliary Booster Board Nomination and Elections

Parents & guardians! The band, marching band & auxiliary, color guard, and drum line students need you!

The Tigard High Band & Auxiliary Booster Board is made up of parent volunteers who, along with Directors Jim Irving and Kati McKee, manage the Tigard High Band & Auxiliary Booster 501(c)(3) non–profit corporation. The Board meets an hour before each regular Tigard High Band & Auxiliary Booster meeting, which typically occur on the 3rd Wednesday of each month during the school year. There are occasions when the Board and/or select committee members from the board may meet more frequently. We do realize that these are volunteer positions and that we all have work, family and lives outside of the band & auxiliary programs (gasp!). We will not ask anyone to do more than they are able, but the Booster Board is a critical part of the success of the entire program and we need you on the Board!

Parents & guardians of any band, marching band & auxiliary, winter color guard & winter drumline are voting members of this corporation. Any voting member is eligible to be nominated and elected for a board position. There are also several activity coordinator positions that need to be filled, these positions are by appointment and not elected. See the table below for current positions. Positions with an ** already have at least one nomination (elected positions) or one volunteer (coordinator positions).

If you are interested in ANY of the positions below, even those that have nominees or volunteers already, or have any questions about anything Tigard High Band & Auxiliary Booster related, please email thsbandboostersor@gmail.com.

Self-nominate by emailing thsbandboostersor@gmail.com or at the meeting!


Elected Board Positions:
read descriptions/responsibilities here
Co-President – You’ll be sharing this position with current but outgoing President Sean Hotchkisss.
Vice President(s)

Coordinator Positions: (The four most pressing are listed first)
read descriptions/responsibilities here

Chuck Wagon Coordinator(s) (Fall – Marching Band): Be responsible for coordinating an individual(s) to provide and have available breakfast type meals/snacks for each competitive performance (typically 4 per season). Also coordinate an individual(s) to provide the main meal (utilizing the Chuckwagon trailer) for each of these competitive performances, including snacks and desserts. Ensure that there is a driver available to drive the Chuckwagon to each of these performances. Different volunteers can be utilized for each need (i.e. breakfast, main meal, driving) and different volunteers can volunteer for different days.

Uniform Coordinator(s): You will be working with current but outgoing Uniform Coordinator (aka Uniform Mom) Kris Hotchkiss. The role of Uniform Coordinator is one of the best opportunities to work with these great kids! This can easily be a shared job… working as a Uniform Team works really well. There are senior parents who will be on hand to help and support the new Coordinator(s) during the 2019-2020 school year. In addition, there is a comprehensive Uniform Manual that lists everything you need to know!

Garage Sale Coordinator(s): This is one of our best fundraisers and a very well-oiled machine! The role requires communication to our Booster parents, delegating tasks amongst volunteers, requesting donated items, coordinating pricing & sorting ‘parties’, promotion of the sale, etc. Again, there are several parents who have worked on this event who will be available to help. This is a big team effort and really fun when it all comes together in August!

Football Pep Band Snack Coordinator(s) The football game snacks coordinator oversees helpers to gather, pass out and clean up snacks at each home game, including any playoff games The coordinator or helpers may purchase the snacks. Receipts may be submitted to the Board Treasurer for reimbursement. Sign up forms will be made available as needed to fill all slots. The coordinator will them confirm the helpers are still available a few days before each game. Four helpers at each game is optimum.

The Football Pep Band Snack Coordinator and all helpers get into the games for free! They must stay with the band for the entire game.

Craft Fair Coordinator(s) (1st Sat in December)
Blues Night Coordinator(s)
Winter Program Meal Coordinator(s)
Can & Bottle Drive Coordinator(s)