Tigard High Band & Auxiliary Scrip


Scrip truly is free money you can use for your students band, color guard, and drumline fees and trips (including Disney 2020)!

VIEW / DOWNLOAD THE SCRIP FORM (PDF 445KB) – Don’t forget to share the form with family & friends! (MS Office Excel XLSX version 24KB)

Tigard High Band & Auxiliary Scrip program is a way to raise funds that will benefit your student directly.

It’s EASY! Download & print the Scrip form. Select your gift cards / certificates. Fill in the totals. Drop the order off, with payment to “THS Band”, at the high school receptionists desk by 1PM on the order due dates below (more dates will be added). You’ll get your order on Thursday. Amy Christianson will coordinate delivery with you.

Bring your Order Form to the May 15th, 2019 Meeting!

Order Due Date Order Available Date
Monday, May 20, 2019 Thursday, May 23, 2019

Scrip is regular pre-paid gift cards and paper gift certificates for a specific store, restaurant, or service that provides a discount to non-profits needing to raise funds. Scrip is a dollar for dollar exchange and costs supporters nothing. The Tigard High Band & Auxiliary Booster group receives the store discount apply it directly to the students.

Turn in your Scrip orders on designated Mondays by 2pm in the main office. You will receive your order on Thursday. This year we will typically process Scrip orders every other week so plan your purchases to last for TWO weeks instead of one. There will be some exceptions.


It does take a little pre-planning but it’s not that tough to do. If you’re on a tight budget, start small with $25 – $50 towards groceries or some other item you know you’ll need. Then try to get a little more the next time.

  1. Use the gift cards from Scrip to do your normal, everyday grocery shopping.
  2. Plan ahead for birthday, Christmas, and graduation gifts. Especially the expensive things like laptops & video games!
  3. Stock up on Lowe’s / Home Depot for home improvement projects.
  4. Plan for printer ink purchases, other home office supplies and get Office Depot/Max gift cards.
  5. Grab a few gift cards from restaurants your kids like to hang out with or go to with their friends.
  6. Going to the movies? Regal Gift Cards & Premium Movie Tickets are available. Keep a few on hand for those blockbuster hits you must see on the big screen.
  7. Car dirty? Stock up on a few Kaady Car Wash certificates and you get 22% back!
  8. Get Scrip orders from family and friends too!

Some examples:

  • Groceries & Gasoline Albertsons (4%), Fred Meyer (4%), New Seasons Market (4%), Safeway (4%), and Whole Food’s (3%) are all part of the Scrip program. 3%-4% may not seem like a lot but it’s adds up! If you’re buying groceries at any of these places anyway you might as well earn some money! Fred Meyer & Albersons/Safeway also have points programs where you can earn savings on gasoline. If you get gas at a Fred Meyer Fuel Center or Safeway Fuel Center you can even use the respective gift card to pay!
    If you spend $500.00 per month on groceries and gas you’ll earn up to $20.00 for your student.
  • If you shop at Amazon, get a few Amazon.com gift cards. Just remember to use them at smile.amazon.com, and the entire program will benefit!
    If you spend $50.00 per month at Amazon.com you’ll earn about $18.00 for your student over a year.
  • Stop at Starbucks daily? Get 6% cash back for that coffee, tea, snack or other beverage! Also make great gifts!
    $5.00 a day for 20 days = about $6.00 for your student over a month.
  • Big DIY home improvement project coming up? Building / repairing a deck or fence? Painting a room? Stock up on your Lowe’s (4%) or Home Depot (3%) cards!
    Spend $100 for paint, paint brushes, rollers, etc… and earn up to $4.00 for your student.
  • Shopping for a home appliance, laptop or a game console? Find what you want from where you want and get Best Buy (2%), Lowe’s (4%), Home Depot (3%), or Amazon.com (3%) cards to cover it.
    $1000 for a new washer / dryer = up to $40.00 for your student.
  • Dining out or getting food to go? Over 40 restaurants to choose from including Subway (6%), Panda Express (8%), Outback (8%), Burgerville USA (10%), Red Robin (7%), McMenamins (12%), Stanfords/Portland City Grill (8%), and many more (average is about 8%)!
    Take the family out for a nice birthday dinner. Spend $120.00 and get almost $15.00!
  • Back to school clothes shopping? Shop at GAP/Old Navy stores (12%), Macy’s (10%), Kohl’s (4%), Ross (8%), Nike (12%), Adidas (13%), Payless Shoes (12%) and more. Spend $200 over a year for your kids closes and shoes and get about $16.00!

In the examples above, and with a little pre-planning, about $345 will be earned during the 9-10 months that Scrip orders are being taken. Many of these things you’ll be purchasing anyway, so why not get a little something for it!

  • $180 from Groceries & Gasoline ($20.00/month for 9 months)
  • $18.00 from a year of Amazon.com purchases.
  • $72.00 from a year of Starbucks
  • $4.00 from painting the kitchen
  • $40.00 from replacing the washer / dryer
  • $16.00 from clothes and shoes

If you have questions please contact your Scrip Coordinator: Amy Christianson as.christianson@frontier.com or the Board at thsbandboostersor@gmail.com.