2019-20 Marching, Guard, Drum Line Patch Designs Needed!


Hey Band! (and Guard & Drumline),

I hope you are all staying positive and healthy.

The Band Boosters are doing patches again this year for Fall Marching, Winter Guard, and Winter Drum Line. At least some things stay the same!

We’re inviting the students to submit their own patch designs for consideration.

You don’t have to consider yourself a top tier artist to submit a patch design. Sketches are fine, computer drawings are fine, whatever you want or can do. They don’t have to be perfect, just convey the idea of what should be on the patch. The idea and overall concept is more important than a perfect drawing. The patch vendor’s design team can and will help turn a drawing into a finished product.

We’d prefer the designs came from a student that participated in the group they are designing the patch for as they’d be better able to convey the spirit of the show, but any THS / TuHS student that was in a 2019-2020 competitive group can submit a design.

Email questions to to Teresa Pearson at teresa.pearson@frontier.com.

Show Titles:

Fall Marching – “Dance Like No One Is Watching”
Winter Guard – “Glassworks”
Winter Drumline – “Primary”

Here are the parameters, guidelines, deadlines, rules…

  • Submissions must be received by May 5th, 2020 11:59PM. Email your name, cell phone number, what show your patch(es) are for, and the design(s) to Teresa Pearson at teresa.pearson@frontier.com.
  • Patch designs must fit the following sizes / shapes: 3” diameter, round, 3”x3” square, or rectangle (either 2”x4” or 4”x2” maximum)
  • Not more than 7 colors, not metallic or neon (more than 7 colors, metallic, and neon increases the cost).
  • Simple designs probably translate better to machine embroidery than elaborate drawings with lots of shading and detail. Original designs only. Using any trademarked characters or phrases that we don’t have the right to use (e.g., Marvel superheroes or Star Wars) will be rejected.


Stay Safe!

Your Tigard High Band & Auxiliary Booster Board and Directors

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