Our Can & Bottle Drive will not succeed without you!!! We need you today, tomorrow and Saturday!!!


Hey Band! (and Boosters),

Wed 9/25, Thu 9/26, and Fri 9/27 are the last days to get the can and bottle drive flyers distributed. We’re just shy of having ONLY half the routes covered.

Kids, ask your parents to drive. Parents, bug your kids!

If you’re not marching, today and tomorrow are you best days. Grab some friends/peers and be at the Band room at 3:15 to get your packet, we’ll find a driver if you can’t.

Marchers should be there tomorrow, Thursday. Friday is PEP, not much time that day.

Step up and get it done. If you’ve done a route already, grab another!! Walking is good for you. Wheeeeeā€¦

Not ideal, but if any parents have time to grab a route during the day we will not say no!

We also need bodies on Saturday 9/28 mostly in the afternoon. https://signup.com/go/moSudzk

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